• The Next Great American Game

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    The Next Great American Game includes hours of extras including interviews with industry greats: Jackson, Moon, Knizia, Leacock, Lang and Teuber. Special interview with Dr. Mary Flanagan, Tiltfactor Labs.

  • The Next Great American Game Deluxe

    18 videos  |  Buy $39.95

    Includes interviews with Moon, Leacock, Lang, Teuber, Knizia, Jackson, publisher roundtable, Ludo Fact Tour, Spiel Des Jahres footage and MORE. Also includes print and play of Jeff Saidek's The Worst Game Ever!

  • Digital Extras Only. Over three hours!

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    Interviews with Teuber, Moon, Knizia, Jackson, Garfield, Bauza, Flanagan, Leacock, Lang, and Faidutti. Publisher roundtable with Hans im Gluck, ThinkFun eggertspiel, and R&R Games. Ludo Game Factory Tour.

  • The Next Great American Game Basic

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    The digital download of the movie with two extra features.